Test drive a Macintosh

In the early 1980s I had learnt a little about computing, starting with a Sinclair ZX80 then an all-in-one Sharp MZ-80K, studying the the BBC Computer Course as I went along. I could see that personal computers had a great future, that they would be useful for the stock control of wines listed at my wine bar in Billericay, business accounts as well as a word processor.

So in 1984 I was ready for this:

Mac test driveThis advertisement was posted on billboards and it really caught my imagination, as did the commercial on ITV.

I phoned up the local computer dealer in Chelmsford and asked if I could test drive a Mac. I also said that I could spare a couple of hours the following week to come along to be instructed how to use the machine.

“No need for that”, was the reply, “just come along, sign a form to have it for a fortnight and take the box home. All the instructions are inside”.

It’s probably not the best idea to collect the Mac on the same day as we had friends for dinner. Like a kid at Christmas I couldn’t wait to unpack the machine and start playing with it.

And what fun I had, as did our guests that evening! It was a revelation, easy to understand and to use.

I was smitten, falling in love with my first plastic mouse, buying my first Apple Macintosh the following week. Then, over the years I’ve become the proud owner of an iPod, iPhone and iPad – all innovational devices produced by a great man, who tragically died today far, far too young.

Steve Jobs in 1984Thank you Steve Jobs for introducing me to the inspirational and fantastic world of ‘easy’ computing.  You will be sorely missed.




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