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Documentally this is meThis introductory slide by Mr Documentally, one of the star presenters at the #EWBC – Digital Wine Communications Conference in Izmir, Turkey appealed to me immediately. He obviously loves wine and photography, but has difficulty juggling with camera and glass – just like me!

Documentally DoubleMr Documentally is in fact Christian Payne. We had connected through the ether a few years ago when I first joined Twitter and I have always been impressed with what he says and what he gets up to. So I was delighted that Christian had been invited to EWBC to talk.

EWBC 2012 Keynote Speakers

EWBC keynote speakers on the pelmet…

As well as one of the Keynote speakers at the start of the conference he also presented a couple of seminars about photography and how to interview. I learnt lots from both, and it was the latter that really enlightened and inspired me.

‘Interview techniques for multi-tasking communicators’ embraced the conference theme as it was subtitled ‘Making the most of your sources’!

Christian had told us earlier that he was a story maker and that everyone here could be called that as well. We can make a compelling story by being inspired, relating to the tale being told and connecting emotionally. The story teller should create a rapport by connecting with the interviewee rather than talking at them.

Classically the interview should be prepared carefully, thinking beforehand about the questions to be asked as well as where it would take place.

Interview equipmentHowever with the tools that are now available – mobiles, cameras etc that can film and record – we can interview anywhere and any time. We need to be interested and interesting, relaxed and create a rapport and capture a conversation.

Remember to listen and take the listener on a journey.

Christian gave some delightful examples of impromptu interviews: seeing Tony Benn at Euston station and asking to interview him, Nick Clegg in a taxi on the way to a very formal, staged interview and David Cameron after making a speech at a party conference. When asked if he could be interviewed, Mr Cameron replied: “Ok, as long as this goes no further than the internet”!

There are many types of interview: face to face, email, telephone, Skype, even Google hangout. Christian is keen on audio as it is intimate, less obstrusive and is theatre of the mind. Equipment is lightweight and the audio interview can easily be listened to.

Microphone sockAudiboo is easy to use on mobiles, but don’t forget the sock!

Audiboo plusHowever you want to interview remember that narrative plus digital content of audio, geo data, photos, text, video equals digital storytelling.

So, seizing the moment I interviewed Christian following his first serious wine tasting!

Once again the #EWBC – Digital Wine Communications Conference lived up to its name offering opportunities such as this seminar by a truly inspirational speaker.

4 thoughts on “Documentally interviews

  1. Interesting stuff Mr Brett. I now know what you sound like as well as look like. Hope we meet face to face soon. Am also dying to meet Mr Documentally. My “Cazador de luz” has raved a bit about him.Apparently he lives near Cambridge. A town very close to where my folks live, so maybe on my next trip to the UK in Jan I can hook up with the dude

  2. Christian is a charming, helpful guy. Yes, you should try to get together with him next time you’re in the UK. And with me too!!

  3. I think Christian was among the most inspiring moments at EWBC 2012. A man actually “wearing his office”. Mobility, flexibility, creativity, but also sensitivity and humanism. Amazing!

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