Wine, the taste of tax

Pouring Jura

Do you know how much tax you pay on a bottle of wine?

The average price of a bottle of wine in the UK is £5.03 – but you don’t get much wine for your fiver. The duty on a 75cl bottle is £2.00 then there is 20% VAT on everything, including duty.

By the time you also add the cost of the bottle and label, delivery and profit the value of the actual wine is tiny, as you will see in the infographic below, prepared by Charlie the Wine.

The moral of this story is you’ll get much better quality if you pay a little more for you wine. Drink less, but drink better.

Wine: What Are You Paying For?

By Charlie The Wine – Wine: What Are You Paying For? “The Taste Of Tax”

8 thoughts on “Wine, the taste of tax

  1. Brett,
    I used to think it was bad enough when I lived in the UK – now I live in Ontario, Canada and the government controls all of the sales of alcohol – so you can imagine the taxes on that!!
    I can drive across the border and buy the same bottle of wine for much less – $14 in Canada $6 in the US

  2. Brett, as a Canadian living in the shadow of the “where-everything-is-bigger-and-cheaper” U.S. I empathize. Business takes me south of our border regularly and it always irks/pleases me that I can pick up decent wine at a fraction of the cost of what I pay in Canada. Governments certainly know what to tax!!
    Looking forward to browsing your site here!

  3. Very true.

    It is ironic that this “infographic” is licensed as CC *excluding* commercial use (the crossed over dollar sign) since the main purpose of it is for the creator (Charlie the Wine) to make money from free blog postings.

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