Tasting Jura Wine in Paris

Nez dans le Vert

For the last three years there has been a special wine tasting in the Jura. Called Le Nez dans le Vert, the title is a play on words with vert (green) sounding similar to verre (glass), as the criteria for the group is that they all practise organic viticulture.

The event has become popular with public and trade customers alike, with many tasters travelling a long way to meet old friends and discover new wines. Because of this success it was decided to hold a Nez dans le Vert tasting in Paris, with 29 producers travelling to the capital to present their wines.

And so did we, leaving London at the shriek of dawn to travel painlessly to Paris by Eurostar. Wink was there to continue research for her Jura Wine book and me to take a photos. And, of course, meet old friends and taste good wines.

Here are some photos of the tasting.

La Cartonnerie

The venue suited the occasion so well. In the 11th arrondissement, to the north of Place de la Bastille, La Cartonnerie is a 19th Century building, originally a foundry then a factory producing cardboard boxes until 2002. When it closed, instead of selling the property to developers the son of the owners kept the building which is now used as a photo and film set as well, of course, as a most appropriate place to have an organic wine tasting.

Some of the producers and tasters

And a few of the many wines on show

Comté, the famed cheese of the Jura, was also on show with expert Didier Sintot on hand to explain the production and the differences in flavour, helped by ‘sniffing pots’ to detect but a few of the aromas to be found in Comté.

Lunch came from the Jura as well

In the afternoon more tasters arrived – sommeliers and cavistes amongst others

Nez dans le Vert

It wouldn’t be France without a dog at the tasting – especially a patient dog called Vodka!

Nez dans le Vert

A list of producers in Paris

With more than 200 visitors Le Nez dans le Vert, Paris, was very successful event and well worth all the hard work of the organisers.

Here you can see more photos!

Nez dans le Vert

Come to the Jura in March for the next tasting!

Sunset, Nez dans le Vert

Late afternoon in the 11e Arrondissement

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