25 New Year’s Resolutions

 New Year’s Day now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. Mark Twain

Here are a few of my challenges and tasks – let’s see how long I can keep these resolutions…

Castello Sforzesco, Milan

Do more excercise

East River and New York, USA

Use the stairs, not the lift

Hotel Lembeye, SW France

Start each day with a healthy breakfast

Nino Barraco, Vignammare, West Sicily

Drink more wine in the vineyards…

Grillo Tasting, IRVOS, West Sicily

Drink more wine that is full of sunshine

Sunny Ch Chalon, Jura

Drink more good Jura wine – with Comté, of course

Castello Sforzesco, Milan

And occasionally drink wine out of plastic cups!

Nino Barraco, Vignammare, West Sicily

Discover and taste new foods

Nino Barraco, Vignammare, West Sicily

Eat more fish

New York, USA

Listen to more Blues…

Evening, Milan

… more Jazz

Evening, Milan

… and more classical music too

Pinacoteca Brera, Milan

Look at more art

Marciac, Plaimont, SW France

Keep up with the news

 East River and New York, USA

Keep on top of the laundry

Christmas Day, Caro Henry, Hautvillers, Champagne

Keep my diary, and blog, up to date

Market, Palermo, West Sicily

Dress correctly for the market

B and B, D'Angelo, Palermo, West Sicily

Keep in touch with family and friends…

Corso Como etc, Milan

… as well as enjoying a glass of wine…

Corso Como etc, Milan

Find time to relax

Christmas Day, Caro Henry, Hautvillers, Champagne

Travel to interesting and exciting places

Morning, Jura

Enjoy the start of the day

Sunset, Chateau Chalon, Jura

Take time to relish beautiful sunsets

Market, Palermo, West Sicily

Above all, be happy!

What New Year’s resolutions do you have? Do you think you will be able to keep them?

9 thoughts on “25 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Ah yes, you love a challenge almost as much as you love taking and organising photos! Many of these bring back good memories and thank you for your resolution to help me with my Jura wine book – I know you will as you already have… As for the other resolutions, I resolve to help you keep them 😉

  2. You have a GREAT and HAPPY SAFE New year also.!!

    And drink as much wine as you want to.!! (I Do)

    Simonsig Wine.

  3. Happy New Year Brett – hope I can share some of those resolutions with both you and Wink in 2014. Love Carolyn

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