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Phew! Building my new website has been more complicated than I thought.

A year ago I wanted to have my blog on my website. The website system I was using only allowed me to add a link so I looked around to find the best way to do this.

Having used for my blog I did consider adding my website there, which is easy to do. But I wanted to be able to achieve a lot more without the necessary restrictions applies.

Seeking advice from other bloggers and using, yes, Google I decided to use Self-hosted and with an enormous range of choice of themes, plug-ins and other slick gizmos it was just the challenge I wanted.

However I just couldn’t succeed in installing it myself (I have a lot to learn) so I tarried and procrastinated until last month when I found I couldn’t update my previous website.

After contacting support for the website host I was told that I couldn’t use the latest and up-to-date internet browsers! I had to use previous versions which, of course, we’d been told had been improved for security.

Working it all out!

Working it all out!

Have you tried to go back to a previous browser? It’s virtually impossible and not worth the risk.

So I managed to get a refund and asked PyxisMedia to help me install, and host, the latest version of

Then the learning started – and will continue! I’m not into progamming HTML etc (yet!) but I am enjoying discovering everything that this excellent system has to offer.

So do have a look around my new website, tell people about it and I would love it if you subscribed to my blog posts!

7 thoughts on “My new website

  1. Welcome to the club of joys and horrors of getting a new web site up and running. It’s been a more-than-one-year project for us… Nice clean design, as Ricardo says. We’ve tried very hard to keep that style too on our (four) new sites.

    • Thanks Per! I realise that building a website is continuous – which, at last, be able to do with

  2. Its fun but can be so frustrating sometimes! And there’s me setting up another AND trying to change an existing WordPress blog…

    All the best people will be in Bresica.. and I’m going too.

    • Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I’m quickly learning exactly what you say about But, hey, after frustration the fun is more enjoyable.

      Brescia here we come.

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